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To Serve And Preserve™

Armor Protective Packaging® provides the industry's simplest, cleanest, easiest and safest corrosion management systems for metal products. ARMOR's full line of VCI corrosion inhibiting packaging products, including its ARMOR WRAP® papers and ARMOR POLY® films as well as desiccants and its rust remover bath, are designed to protect ferrous and non-ferrous metals before, during and after transport or storage. ARMOR's industry reputation as a trusted business partner has been built by serving its customers and preserving their investments for more than a quarter-century.

ARMOR is a global leader in the VCI field, with more than 35 years of experience in the industry. We recognize that offering a high-quality effective product is only half the job. Providing unsurpassed customer service is just as important and it is the backbone of our company's oath To Serve and Preserve™.

ARMOR's Pledge to You

To Serve

  • Unsurpassed service
  • Expertise in corrosion management
  • Global capabilities where you need us

To Preserve

  • Products that are safe, clean and easy to use
  • Full spectrum of corrosion prevention and rust removal products
  • Unparalled quality
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