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The variety of packaging materials in the packaging industry can be overwhelming when there's not enough education in the marketplace as to which product is best for each application. Armor Protective Packaging® is proud to produce one of the most highly used products in the rust preventative industry, ARMOR WRAP® VCI (Volatile and Vapor Corrosion Inhibiting) paper. ARMOR offers over a dozen different types of it ARMOR WRAP®, all with unique characteristics to achieve the best corrosion prevention possible.

Although there are other competitive VCI papers on the market, ARMOR WRAP® papers are truly unique in that BOTH sides of the paper are impregnated and coated with VCI. Having two-sided VCI paper offers a definite cost advantage when compared to competing VCI papers.

ARMOR developed the VCI paper that has become the automotive standard in VCI paper corrosion prevention. ARMOR WRAP® 30R paper is designed for ferrous metal protection and is truly a dual-sided VCI paper. With over 1 gram of VCI per square foot, ARMOR WRAP® 30R meets and exceeds the specifications of Ford, GM and Daimler-Chrysler. For more challenging applications such as wrapping gears or other sharp parts, ARMOR offers the 60R paper in a 60# weight.

ARMOR also offers a wax coated VCI paper. This product comes in 30# and 60# paper weights and is designed for wrapping ferrous metals which are inherently greasy or need a barrier to keep the grease on the part from leaking onto other products or packaging. In addition to the wax coated paper, sometimes an application requires further barrier protection and puncture resistance. ARMOR WRAP® paper is perfect for these applications as it is coated on one-side with 1 mil polyethylene and impregnated with ARMOR's VCI technology on the opposite side to protect ferrous metals from rust and oxidation.

Some applications require an even more robust VCI paper for long-term shelf life or harsh conditions. ARMOR WRAP® paper is a 35# paper that has two grams of VCI per square foot (more than twice the amount of ARMOR WRAP® 30R paper). It's often used when a part has an extended shelf life, for more than three years or for export applications.

Armor Protective Packaging® has been approved for close to 30 years under the QPL (Qualified Products List) for MIL-P-3420, as prepared by the Department of Defense. Being approved by the United States Military for VCI military specifications is an honor that ARMOR takes seriously. Be sure to contact an ARMOR representative to understand the full scope of VCI military specs and how they might affect you in your business. For alloys and multiple metal applications, ARMOR WRAP® MPI paper is the perfect fit. ARMOR WRAP® MPI (multi-purpose inhibitor) provides excellent protection again exotic metals such as brass, copper, nickel and cadmium, but also protects against galvanic corrosion where two dissimilar metals are present. Armor Protective Packaging® has become synonymous with superior quality and excellent customer service. Our customers aren't just companies to us. They're individuals who rely on us to provide the best recommendation and product for their specific requirements. ARMOR WRAP® paper is just one product line that's used by the majority of Fortune 500™ companies to keep their products corrosion-free. We don't just protect their metal parts, we protect their reputation.



All ARMOR WRAP® papers are environmentally safe, fully recyclable and repulpable, biodegradable and non-toxic. Armor Protective Packaging® uses only the highest quality virgin neutral pH kraft paper available. ARMOR WRAP® papers are approved on the QPL for Military specification MIL-PRF-3420, an approval that dates back to 1983. Don't be misled by competitor's use of the word "conforms". ARMOR WRAP® is APPROVED by the United States Military.


ARMOR POLY® films come in a variety of forms to suit various packaging needs. The broad line of high performance ARMOR POLY® film includes bags, sheets, rolls, tubes, auto bags, elastic bonnets, gusseted liners and shrink film, in addition to other custom VCI poly products. Films are transparent and heat sealable and provide the combined benefit of barrier and anti-corrosion protection in a simple to use form.