ARMOR Update

ARMOR Joins Forces with Plano to “Tackle” Rust

ARMOR Plano Tackle Box

What happens when you combine the rust-prevention expertise of Armor Protective Packaging® with the industry leader in fishing gear and tackle storage Plano®? The result is a match made in heaven, and by heaven we mean a new line of rust-stopping tackle storage boxes.

Say hello to the Rustrictor™ StowAways® – a next-generation line of utility boxes designed for rust-free, worry-free tackle storage.

Some may call it the “love child” of ARMOR and Plano, but no matter what you call it, the Rustrictor line is the result of both companies coming together to optimize what they do best.

It was ARMOR’s reputation as an industry leader in rust prevention/removal that caught the eye of Plano® in its search for a top-performing rust prevention technology. Specifically, Plano was interested in ARMOR’s VCI Nanotechnology™ (a.k.a., our “secret recipe” for vapor corrosion inhibitor) that when activated covers metal with a shield that is only a few molecules thick.  ARMOR VCI protects metal by repelling rust and all of its metal-damaging powers.

Plano and ARMOR joined forces and through the magic of advanced engineering ARMOR VCI was incorporated directly into the plastic of the tackle boxes. That means every Rustrictor StowAway is completely infused with ARMOR VCI to provide 360 degrees of rust-stopping protection for terminal tackle and hard-bait. The Rustrictor StowAways are the first of their kind to block rust 5 times longer than the competition.

With ARMOR VCI incorporated directly into the plastic of the container, there is no maintenance, no odor, no film or residue on metal tackle and better yet, no wasted money replacing rusted and damaged tackle.

Plano added the rust-prevention benefits of ARMOR VCI to seven of its best-selling StowAway models. The entire line of Rustrictor StowAways are marked by signature red latches, a color reserved exclusively for the Rustrictor line.

Look for Rustrictor StowAways online and in all Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s stores or online only at Dick’s Sporting Goods and the Plano site.