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ARMOR WRAP® Comes to the Rescue of One Continental Plant

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Armor Protective Packaging® recently worked with one of Continental’s largest plants to solve a costly rust issue with its transmission components.

Before ARMOR’s involvement, this Continental plant was using a competitor’s rust prevention product to protect metal transmission components during shipment to its customers including Ford, Honda and GM. The competitor product offered poor results. The metal parts were rust free when they shipped from the Continental plant but when they were delivered there was visible rust that had developed during transport.

ARMOR joined with Continental to study the conditions contributing to its rust problem, paying close attention to their additional concerns about fiber issues. Ultimately, ARMOR proposed that Continental wrap its transmission components in ARMOR WRAP® paper with a poly coating.

Continental conducted both humidity and ship testing and ARMOR WRAP paper proved to be highly effective in rust prevention. The rest as they say is history – with ARMOR WRAP on-the-job, Continental reports annual cost savings of more than $1 million!

Click on the ARMOR Rustimonial pictured above for a just-the-facts overview of this success story.

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