ARMOR Product Update

ARMOR Shield™ Corrosion Inhibiting Emitter is one of ARMOR’s best kept secrets for rust prevention – until now! ARMOR is spreading the word of this small-but-mighty and lives-up-to-its-name “Shield” as it uses VCI protection to shield against rust and corrosion.

In The News Sept 15 Balaji K.

Global Reach

Sad news of the loss of ARMOR’s international partner Balaji of ARMOR INDIA.  Read more…

Team Profile Cover Photo Courtney

Team Profile

You can hear it in her voice; see it in her eyes; Courtney delivers customer service with a smile. Read more…

Workshop Hero Cover Photo Option 2 of 2

Workshop Hero

The consumer brand Workshop Hero™ team traveled the highways and byways of the U.S. the past few months to evangelize the benefits of its rust remover and rust preventative Metal Rescue® and Dry Coat™. Read more…