Armor Product Showcase

ARMOR G —This Paper has International, Multi-Metal, Superior VCI Protection All “Wrapped” Up

Over the past year, ARMOR has worked to transition those customers using its ARMOR WRAP® R and 352 VCI formulation paper to its new ARMOR WRAP Global Paper (or ARMOR G Paper for short).  This transition is the equivalent of an ARMOR WRAP “upgrade”—customers using ARMOR’s R and 352 Paper just moved from “business class” to “first class” with ARMOR G Paper at no extra cost!   We say, fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the benefits.


ARMOR WRAP’s Global Paper meets all international content standards and it features the next generation of ARMOR’s VCI Nanotechnology with its advanced vapor phase protection. In addition, this “international sensation” is a show stopper—it is compatible with a larger range of ferrous and non-ferrous metals; available in three different basis weight papers; and its multi-metal formulation reduces/eliminates inventory of multiple papers.  For more than five years, ARMOR G Paper has been thoroughly tested in both accelerated humidity lab testing and in the field (for select applications) all over the world.  The results were resounding:  ARMOR G Paper outperformed and was far superior to the leading competitive papers in the industry and even to the ARMOR WRAP R and 352 formulations.


The ARMOR WRAP G Paper is available in 30G, 35G and 60G providing direct replacements for all  ARMOR WRAP R and 352 Papers (conversion examples include 30G replaces 30R, 35R or 352 and 35G replaces 35R or 352).

ARMOR Global “G” Paper Features


Meets international content standards (REACH, RoHS, CPL)


Contains no sodium nitrite


New formulation offers superior vapor phase protection compared to competitors’ papers and ARMOR’s R and 352 Paper


Is a true Multi-Metal Paper
(ferrous and most other metals)


Works on most metals thereby reducing the inventory of different papers needed.


Same proven VCI technology with enhanced protection at no additional cost=zero risk

For additional information on ARMOR WRAP Global Paper, to request a sample, visit the ARMOR website or contact your ARMOR sales representative.