Armor Update

ARMOR New Coater Up Close

At ARMOR, we believe that two is better than one – at least when it comes to paper coaters!  ARMOR has completed installation and programming of a second, new paper coating line and when it comes to ARMOR WRAP VCI paper, we say “let the good times roll!”

ARMOR Global Reach In the Lab

Global Reach

International partners from around the globe came together for a three-day summit of ARMOR updates and training. Read more…

Lynn Eahrow - ARMOR

Team Profile

Lynn is an ARMOR “mover and shaker” and a good mood maker!  Check out her team profile for further details. Read more…

Workshop Hero Metal Rescue GEL Jar

Workshop Hero

The Metal Rescue Rust Remover product line has expanded.  Introducing new Metal Rescue GEL – when it comes to rust removal, we’ve got you covered! Read more…