ARMOR Update

ARMOR Stock & Ready:
VCI Products In Stock. Ready-To-Ship. We Promise.

ARMOR recognized that its customers’ purchase expectations in the workplace had evolved.  Customers want their purchase experience to include simple ordering, quick turnaround and fast shipping.  In response, ARMOR studied the models of customer ease and convenience perfected by innovators such as Amazon Prime® and Little Caesars® HOT-N-READY® and applied them to the world of rust prevention “VCI packaging.”

ARMOR transformed its internal operations and added three times the inventory of in-stock products, we refined our order response systems to ensure quick processing, and we enhanced our shipping capabilities.  The result, we call ARMOR Stock & Ready® and a key component of the program is the official ARMOR Stock & Ready Promise:


  • All items on the Stock & Ready product list are in-stock and ready-to-ship with no order minimums.
  • Stock & Ready orders placed by 1 p.m. EST will ship by next business day

*Terms and conditions apply, click here.

The concept isn’t new, but it is genius.  We liken the ARMOR Stock & Ready program to the success that many pizza chains have found in offering pre-made pizzas that are ready-and-waiting for customers.  While the pizza may not be customized to the customer’s exact preference, the ease and convenience of eliminated planning and wait time, make the small compromise worthwhile.

Let us show you what we mean in this 90–second animated video. We line up our Stock & Ready next to the pizza industry’s Hot-N-Ready® to demonstrate our product delivery method similarities. While Stock & Ready doesn’t offer double cheese, it does offer a full menu of its own benefits:

  • Simple to order
  • No order minimums
  • Value priced
  • Quick processing and turbo fast shipping
  • Reduce inventory storage
  • Save money previously spent on required, large orders

Replacing custom products with closely-matched stock items not only saves time but it can benefit your bottom line. Not only are the items ordered from our Stock & Ready product list in stock and ready-to-ship, many times they are more economical.

As part of Stock & Ready, we developed our Stock-to-Save Matchmaker. Just ask, and we will look at your current custom products and match them with similar ARMOR stock products. We will generate a list of Stock-to-Save options that will make you a convert.

Finally, Stock & Ready offers a wide selection of rust preventing ARMOR POLY VCI bags and bin liners that are pre-sized to fit the shipping and storage containers used by many OEMs. We uploaded the dimensions and container codes for many of the shipping and storage containers used by 13 of the largest OEMs into our Container Compatibility Finder. Our finder instantly generates a custom recommendation of ARMOR POLY bags most compatible with your specified container. Better yet, Stock & Ready will have the recommended bags in stock and ready-to-ship when you order.

Want to learn more? Check out ARMOR Stocky & Ready on our website or contact your ARMOR sales representative.