Success Story

Stock & Ready — A Customer Success Story

Ordering through the ARMOR Stock & Ready Program offers customers the benefit of replacing custom products with closely-matched stock items. When possible, switching to a stock item decreases lead time, price and required order minimums. Not only are items ordered from Stock & Ready in stock and ready-to-ship, many times they are more economical.

Check out this Stock & Ready success—best illustrated with the details of a recent order from a packaging supply and equipment customer.

  1. Customer requested a quote to re-order ARMOR WRAP 30R.
  2. ARMOR provided a quote for closely-matched stock item—ARMOR Global paper—ARMOR WRAP 30G.
  3. In addition to providing improved corrosion inhibiting performance, as a stock item ARMOR 30G is ready to ship within 1-2 days with no required order minimums.
  4. Customer ordered ARMOR 30G and ARMOR shipped out an entire pallet of the paper within two days rather than the two-week lead time required to customize and fulfill the ARMOR WRAP 30R originally requested.
  5. Stock & Ready Success! Customer received a better product at a more economical price by second business day rather than two weeks.

Want to learn more? Check out ARMOR Stocky & Ready on our website or contact your ARMOR sales representative.