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ARMOR FOUNDRY Film™ is Forged to Protect!

Metal castings; stampings; forgings; process metals – protect them all from rust with ARMOR’s FOUNDRY Film.

Did you know that ARMOR specifically developed its FOUNDRY Film to protect metals exposed to the severe hot, dirty and humid conditions present in metal foundries, stamping plants, machine shops and other metal processing facilities?  We constructed it for strength, puncture resistance and produced it in a dark gray color to conceal metal dust and other imperfections.

If you’re looking to put the “double whammy” on rust, our FOUNDRY Film fits the bill – not only does it act as a physical barrier against dirt, dust and moisture, it is also a rust preventative thanks to ARMOR’s proprietary VCI (vapor corrosion inhibitor) Nanotechnology™.  Foundry Film contains ARMOR VCI, which emits vapors that adhere to the surface of metal to form an invisible protective layer that shields metal from rust and corrosion.

Better yet, a portion of FOUNDRY Film is made from recycled materials.  Remnants of ARMOR VCI film are recycled as part of the FOUNDRY Film manufacturing process, thereby reducing ARMOR’s operational waste, decreasing the cost of the film; while at the same time increasing the film’s VCI content.

Learn more by giving this FOUNDRY Film video recap a view.

Rest assured that FOUNDRY Film is in line with the ARMOR standards we set for all of our products – it is clean, safe, easy to use, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and most importantly … Effective.  Simply put, ARMOR FOUNDRY Film is Forged to Protect!

For additional information on ARMOR FOUNDRY Film™ or to request a sample, visit the ARMOR website or contact your ARMOR sales representative.