Armor Update

40 Cheers for 40 Years of Armor Protective Packaging®!

At Armor Protective Packaging® we don’t like to “toot our own horn” unless of course it is a birthday party horn in celebration of our company’s 40th year in business – now that is something to celebrate!

ARMOR has come a long way from its humble beginnings, when in 1979 ARMOR CEO John Holden started it from his home. What began as a business whose sole focus was the manufacture and sale of a rust-preventing VCI paper line has grown and evolved into an international corrosion management solutions company offering multiple rust prevention and rust removal product lines in thousands of sizes and variations.

For 40 years, we at ARMOR have held to our steadfast commitment that any rust prevention/rust removal product we offer must be clean, safe, easy and effective. End of sentence. The way we see it (and the way we say it) is “if it isn’t clean, safe and easy, it isn’t ARMOR.”

One final note. We think the famous quote “no man is an island” says it best. The entire team at ARMOR is keenly aware that our longevity and success is due to you, our customers. Without your loyalty and patronage, we couldn’t have endured or expanded. Without our customers, there wouldn’t be an Armor Protective Packaging® and for that we say Thank You!

Looking for more information about ARMOR and its rust prevention and rust removal products? Visit the ARMOR website or contact your ARMOR sales representative.