Success Story

ARMOR SEA Film™ “saves the day” for one heavy equipment manufacturer by protecting large engines from the elements while also saving time, materials and money

Customer: Leading Global Power Generation Manufacturer

Type of Industry: Automotive, Heavy Equipment, Power Generation

Problem: Our customer manufactures large engines and components for the power generation and heavy equipment industry. During the shipping and delivery process of their largest engines to customers, the engines were experiencing rust and corrosion. While the manufacturer was using a competitor’s heat shrinkable, heavy-duty VCI film to prevent rust, the film failed to provide adequate barrier protection. The result was the formation of rust and corrosion on key components of the engine.

ARMOR Solution: ARMOR conducted on-site visits, trained staff on proper packaging and heat-shrinking techniques and provided technical support to help identify other possible sources of corrosion. ARMOR SEA Film™ was recommended because of its great barrier protection, UV resistance, and superior rust-preventing VCI. ARMOR SEA Film also reduced the labor required to heat shrink and the total material needed for proper protection.  ARMOR also provided technical support to part suppliers who were experiencing corrosion on parts supplied to the manufacturer.

Results/Savings: ARMOR’s recommendations on both the process for protecting the manufacturer’s engines (training on application techniques) as well as the products (the use of SEA Film) resulted in the elimination of the rust and corrosion. ARMOR’s recommendations also resulted in a 27% reduction in materials, a materials cost savings of 40% and a 35% reduction in labor.

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