Workshop Hero

Workshop Hero and ARMOR Bring out the “Big Guns” to Prevent and Remove Rust from Firearms

Workshop Hero and Shot Show

ARMOR’s consumer brand Workshop Hero™ created an instructional video titled “How To Remove Rust From Any Gun or Firearm” and published it on the Workshop Hero YouTube channel.  Since its debut, this video has gone “gang busters” – it has become Workshop Hero’s fastest growing video with more than 375,0000 views to date.

This high interest in rust removal for firearms was further echoed at the industrial level with Armor Protective Packaging®.  In January, ARMOR was a first-time exhibitor at the SHOT Show®, the largest trade show for all professionals involved with the shooting sports, hunting and law enforcement industries.

Specifically, ARMOR attended the SHOT Show® Supplier Showcase, a two-day event designed to provide suppliers with a forum to present their products to shooting, hunting and outdoor manufacturers.  ARMOR was on-hand to spread the word of its full arsenal of products designed specifically to prevent and remove rust and to explain how using our products to replace hazardous solvents and dirty oil-based RPs increases safety while saving time and money.

“ARMOR offers so many options for rust prevention and rust removal that are ideally matched for use on firearms and firearms parts-without the mess of oils or nasty coatings. Whether it’s our rust preventative packaging or water-based liquid RPs or Metal Rescue® Rust Remover, we have a product that is clean, safe, easy and effective,” said David Yancho, Vice President, ARMOR and Workshop Hero.

For consumers looking to maintain their own gun or manufacturers looking to prevent rust on firearms parts or accessories, ARMOR and its Workshop Hero offer rust preventing/rust removing options that are, point blank, high caliber.

For more information on Workshop Hero/ARMOR products for firearms, visit the Workshop Hero online store or visit the ARMOR website or contact your ARMOR sales representative.