At ARMOR we value our people and the service-centered culture we strive to create each day. It is the compass that ensures that ARMOR is always moving in the right direction and we look to add members to our team. If you possess an upbeat, can-do attitude, have exceptional people skills, have an aptitude for technical issues and are detail oriented with a self-starter attitude, ARMOR has a place for you to share your talents while you become an integral part of a company on the rise.


Relationships & People Come First:

Profits will Follow! We protect and preserve relationships over short-term profits. We’re all in this together and at ARMOR personal gain is willingly sacrificed for the greater good. We build each other up so we can perform at our best and better serve our customers.

Good is the Enemy of GREAT!

We don’t settle for “good enough”- good is average, we inherently strive to be great. ARMOR people take ownership and have pride in all we do.

Delight the Customer!

We want customers to be “delighted” not just satisfied. Satisfactory is for mediocre companies- ARMOR desires to be GREAT!


ARMOR culture promotes work/life balance; fun and enjoyment. We are authentic-we don’t act one way at home or in our personal life and another way at work. We believe fun is a super power!

ARMOR core values are non-negotiable. These values are embraced by the people who are a part of the ARMOR team; people who believe themselves fortunate enough to say,

“We are ARMOR!”

Armor Protective Packaging is a global leader in corrosion management solutions designed to protect metals before, during and after transport or storage. For more than 35 years, ARMOR has offered a full line of packaging products that include paper, poly film and desiccants infused with our proprietary vapor corrosion inhibiting (VCI) Nanotechnology®, a water-based rust preventative. Products Metal Rescue and Dry Coat are liquids designed to remove rust and prevent its return. All ARMOR products are clean, safe, easy to use, and extremely effective.

Workshop Hero™, the consumer brand of Armor Protective Packaging®, is a cutting-edge line of rust prevention and rust removal products designed to allow our customers to work less and play more! Workshop Hero™ products are clean, safe and easy to use and are built on ARMOR’s more than 35-year foundation in providing expert corrosion management products and services to Fortune 500™ companies all around the world. Metal Rescue® Rust Remover Bath is a water-based rust remover that is “safe on everything except rust”! Dry Coat™ Rust Preventative is a water-based liquid that dries to the touch after applying to metal surfaces. Whether your workshop is a garage, a potting shed or a workbench in your “man cave”, the Workshop Hero™ line of products will take the “work” out of your workshop!


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