Weather Warrior™ is a water-based rust preventative coating that dries quickly to form a rugged, wax-like barrier that shields metal parts, machinery and equipment from harsh outdoor conditions. Weather Warrior is heat stable, does not transfer, abrade or run and it protects metal from corroding for up to 9 months of outdoor storage.

VCI (vapor corrosion inhibitors) is a class of chemical compounds that emit rust-inhibiting vapors into an enclosed air space such as a bag, box, crate or storage container.  The VCI molecules form a layer of protection on the surface of metal that displaces moisture and prevents metal from corroding.  ARMOR VCI Nanotechnology™ is our unique formulation of VCI — it’s the “secret sauce” we use in all ARMOR VCI rust prevention products to keep metal parts clean and rust free while they are in process, in storage or in transport.

  • Water-based formula eliminates oils, solvents or other harsh chemicals
  • Non-flammable; contains no toxic or harmful materials or VOCs
  • Heavy-duty, wax-like barrier coating withstands harsh outdoor conditions
  • Protects metal in outdoor storage for up to 9 months
  • Ideal for large/oversized machinery/equipment
  • One-coat application via spray, dip or brush
  • Fast drying – 20 minutes in ambient conditions
  • Removes easily using detergent or alkaline cleaner
  • Available in quantities of 5, 55 and 275 gallons