Wrap Out Rust and Save Time and Money!

Learn how to identify rust, use VCI to prevent it, and save time and money.

Ready to reduce your rust problems and save time and money?

When rust happens, it can wreak havoc on your facility’s metal parts that are in-process, in storage or in transport.  But, with ARMOR WRAP® VCI paper, from Armor Protective Packaging® as your wingman, you can show rust who’s boss!

ARMOR WRAP is made from Kraft paper that has been infused with rust-preventing VCI (vapor corrosion inhibitor).  When metal parts are wrapped or enclosed in ARMOR WRAP, the VCIs activate to form a protective layer on the surface of metal that displaces moisture and repels rust.  Use it to protect your ferrous and non-ferrous metal parts from the evils of corrosion and rest easy knowing that ARMOR WRAP has got you “covered.”

Better yet, Mother Nature gives ARMOR WRAP a “green” thumbs up because it is environmentally safe, fully recyclable and repulpable.

Ready to learn how to identify rust, use VCI to prevent it, and save time and money?

15 reasons toolkit

What makes ARMOR WRAP different?


VCI Nanotechnology™ – ARMOR uses its “secret formula” for vapor corrosion inhibitors to provide premium protection of metal


“Goof proof” application thanks to VCI infusion on BOTH sides of the paper


Environmentally safe, fully recyclable and repulpable


Protects metal from rust and corrosion for up to
three years


Can be combined with other VCI products for extended protection


Available from ARMOR’s unrivaled, in-stock inventory — ready to ship with no order minimums

 ARMOR WRAP is Trusted By

Download the FREE Secrets-to-Reducing-Rust Toolkit!

Included in this digital toolkit is our top 15 secrets to reducing your product rust.  Along with the digital download we have created a short video that reviews each of these rust reducing secrets and steps you can start taking immediately to reduce your rust.

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