ARMOR SEA Film™ is “Tough Stuff” Rust Prevention


There’s no sugar-coating here, instead we get straight to the point in this video on ARMOR SEA Film™.  In just 3 minutes we explain how traditional rust prevention methods aren’t tough enough to withstand harsh, outdoor conditions, while ARMOR SEA Film is made to do just that – because this film is “tough stuff.”

It’s the unique, advanced construction process used to manufacture SEA Film that is the secret sauce behind this rust-preventing VCI paper.  We combine the strongest characteristics of three films into one to offer a heavy-duty barrier against the elements; a UV light inhibitor to combat the damage of ultra violet light; and ARMOR’s proprietary VCI Nanotechnology™ to keep the surface of metal rust-free.

Click the video link below and let us show you how to outsmart Mother Nature to keep your metal parts rust-free during outdoor storage using ARMOR SEA Film.

For more information on Armor Protective Packaging and its full line of packaging products, visit the ARMOR website or contact your ARMOR sales representative.

Armor Protective Packaging® Offices Will Be Closed to Celebrate the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Merry Christmas from Armor Protective Packaging

The 2020 holiday season is upon us and the Armor Protective Packaging offices will be closed for the following dates to allow our team the opportunity to spend time with their family and friends.

December 18th: Noon to 5 p.m.
December 24 – January 1st**

On January 4th, 2021, the ARMOR offices will open and our team of Eradicators of Rust will be refreshed and ready-to-roll.

**Never fear, we will be monitoring the email inbox closely should an urgent issue arise that needs immediate attention.

On behalf of ARMOR, Merry Christmas and Cheers to a Happy, Rust-free 2021!

ARMOR SEA FILM™: Extreme Protection for Extreme Conditions


If you manufacture metal parts that will be exposed to the elements during outdoor storage or overseas transport, rust and corrosion are a very real threat.  ARMOR VCI SEA Film™ is formulated to withstand Mother Nature’s most threatening outdoor conditions while protecting metal and metal parts from the damaging effects of rust and corrosion that could form as a result.

If you’re wondering how SEA Film is able to keep metal parts rust-free in extreme conditions when other VCI films can’t, we’ll let you in on the secret – three-layer construction.  We combine the strongest characteristics of three different films to manufacture this holy grail of rust-preventing VCI film and we aren’t shy about touting that ARMOR SEA Film is even more amazing when you consider that it gives high performance without high cost.



OUTSIDE LAYER:  manufactured in white exterior to reflect sunlight and contains an Ultra Violet (UV) light inhibitor to stabilize film from breaking down due to extended UV exposure and its damaging heat.

CENTER LAYER:  provides a heavy-duty physical barrier that protects metal/metal parts from moisture, contaminates and the harshest of outdoor conditions.

INSIDE LAYER:  strategically places ARMOR’s rust-preventing VCI Nanotechnology™ (a.k.a., our “secret recipe” for vapor corrosion inhibitor) closest to metal/metal parts to maximize protection.

The value of SEA Film’s unique multi-layer construction extends beyond its effectiveness in preventing rust, it offers opportunity for cost savings as well. Not only does SEA Film provide an ultra-strong physical barrier, it’s engineered to keep ARMOR’s rust-preventing VCI Nanotechnology™ (a.k.a., our “secret recipe” for vapor corrosion inhibitor) in the inner layer.  Positioning VCI close to metal parts, where it is needed most, often means that the film can be down-gauged to reduce cost without compromising performance.

If you’re looking for a VCI film that will protect metal parts even in extreme outdoor storage or shipping conditions; a film that offers quality, effectiveness and aggressive pricing; ARMOR SEA Film is the whole enchilada!


  • EASY-TO-USE:  rust prevention and containment/barrier
  • SAFE:  rust prevention free of oils, solvents and other harsh chemicals
  • ECONOMICAL:  reduced gauge = reduced cost
  • SUPERIOR PROTECTION:  made to withstand harsh outdoor environments
  • HEAVY DUTY:  three-layer construction for strength, barrier protection, UV-resistance
  • STRATEGIC VCI PLACEMENT:  VCI on inside — closest to metal parts
  • UV RESISTANT:  contains UV light inhibitor and white exterior to reflect sunlight
  • MULTI-METAL COMPATIBLE:  protects ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • SEVERAL OPTIONS:  available in sheeting, bags or rolls

For additional information on ARMOR SEA Film, take a look at the ARMOR SOLUTIONS feature and the video on SEA Film, or request a sample by visiting the ARMOR website or contact your ARMOR sales representative.

Paul Kuruliak

Name: Paul Kuruliak

Job Title: Production/Machine Operator

Where Do You Live: Grimsby, Ontario, Canada

Family Details: “My lovely wife Tamara and I will celebrate 31 years of marriage this coming May.  We have one daughter named Natasha (25 years old) who majored in math and graduated with a five-year University degree in Concurrent Education.  Natasha is now pursuing a three-year degree in Accounting and plans to continue on to also get a Master’s as well.”

History with ARMOR:  Paul joined the ARMOR Canada team in September of 2010.  He currently runs all of the plant’s machinery along with its shipping and receiving and in his “spare time” helps with monthly inventory.

What aspect of your job do you enjoy the most?: “I like the variety — on any given day I can go from machine-to-machine filling orders or making product.  I also like the family atmosphere that the company brings.”

Experience before coming to ARMOR: Before joining ARMOR, Paul worked for 18 years as a lead hand in the brewing and blending department of Lakeport Brewery in Hamilton, Ontario.  Among his list of duties, Paul was responsible for setting up the paperwork and communicating with the brewery’s production team as to what they were producing both for the day and for the week.

If you could trade places, who would you like to be for a day and why? “Because I enjoy sports so much, I would love to own a professional sports team!”

Hobbies: Paul loves all sports, whether he is playing them or just watching.  “I used to jog three times a week until knee surgeries put that to an end to that so now, I walk daily and bike ride.”  Paul also enjoys going to the cottage with family and friends and “having a few cold ones on the beach while swimming.”

Favorite Food: “My favorite foods would have to be pizza or a good burger.”

If you won the lottery, what is the first thing you would buy? “I would love to have someone build me a two-story log home by the water.”

What are you currently watching? Paul likes to watch reruns of sitcoms such as the “Big Bang Theory,” “Mom,” “The Office” and “Everybody Loves Raymond,” as well as police and fire-fighting dramas.

What song is most likely to get you to dance? “Off the top of my head I would have to say ‘YMCA’ by the Village People!”

Favorite Quote: “If you are not part of the solution, you must be part of the problem.”  — Eldridge Cleaver

Paul Kuruliak and Family
Paul Kuruliak at Lake House