How to Use ARMOR WRAP® to Prevent Rust

Rust is a costly problem. There are many ways to prevent rust, and utilizing different strategies in different situations will help you maximize protection against rust. We’ve developed a variety of rust-preventing products to help make this process easier. In this post, we’ll discuss how to use ARMOR WRAP® to prevent rust. 

How to Use ARMOR WRAP to Prevent Rust: Step by Step 

What is ARMOR WRAP? And how does it work? ARMOR WRAP is Kraft paper that has been infused with ARMOR VCI Nanotechnology™ (our “secret formula” of vapor corrosion inhibitors) to create a packaging material that prevents rust on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.  The VCI works on a molecular level, emitting rust-inhibiting vapors into an enclosed air space such as a storage or shipping container to form a shield of protection on the surface of metal that prevents rust from developing. 

ARMOR WRAP VCI paper, as well as other ARMOR VCI products, is clean, safe, easy-to-use and effective.  ARMOR WRAP meets all REACH and RoHS requirements and, since it’s recyclable and repulpable, it’s environmentally-friendly too. There’s no RP oil, grease or chemical solvents required, making ARMOR WRAP a preferred dry rust prevention method.  

With that bit of background on ARMOR WRAP VCI paper and how it works under your belt, let’s take a closer look at how to use ARMOR WRAP to prevent rust. 

Step 1: Choose Your Dry Rust Prevention Method 

Armor Protective Packaging® provides a wide range of rust-prevention products to protect metal parts, components and equipment — both large and small, detailed and simple –manufactured from all different types of metals. The first step to prevent rust is to find the right product. The ARMOR website is chocked full of information including brochures and product overviews to help you find the right solution. If you’re unsure what you might need, you can use ARMOR’s free, online rust diagnosis and solutions tool ASK JERRY (named after a retired ARMOR sales rep renowned for rust knowledge and customer service). Or, if you prefer a more traditional approach, you can ask us a question anytime, and one of our expert rust eradicators will be happy to help. 

ARMOR WRAP VCI paper is an easy, mess-free, and cost-effective solution for metal parts of all shapes and sizes.  It is highly versatile and can be used to wrap metal parts, interleave between layers of small metal parts, or it can be combined with other VCI products such as VCI Poly Film or VCI Emitters  for an added level of protection. ARMOR WRAP is a great starting point if you’re wondering how to keep your metal parts rust free in storage or shipment.  

Step 2: Select the Type of ARMOR WRAP VCI Paper

If you’ve taken a look at rust-prevention solutions and decided ARMOR WRAP is the right choice, there’s one more decision in front of you and that is what type of anti-rust paper will you use.  ARMOR WRAP VCI paper is available in multiple formulations with options to add barrier coatings such as wax or polyethylene if added protection against moisture or contaminants is needed.  While all ARMOR WRAP is clean, safe and easy-to-use, each formulation has unique characteristics that work best with specific types or composition of metal.  

ARMOR WRAP Global VCI Paper: We named this VCI paper “Global” because it meets all international content standards (RoHS, REACH, CPL). ARMOR WRAP Global anti-rust paper is effective for most metals and it’s available in 30, 35, and 60-pound weight in sized-to-fit sheets or rolls.

ARMOR WRAP MPI VCI Paper: While this VCI paper is effective in preventing rust for multiple metal types, it is best-suited for use with non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, brass, copper, galvanized metals, and tin. 

ARMOR WRAP SCRIM VCI Paper: Triple-coated for extra strength and puncture resistance, SCRIM VCI paper is designed to protect large metal pieces, bulky metal cargo, bar stock and/or items with sharp edges and corners. 

ARMOR WRAP Military VCI Paper: This anti-corrosion paper meets strict regulations for military packaging set by the U.S. Department of Defense. It provides exceptional corrosion protection of ferrous metals in harsh environments. 

Anti-Rust Paper ARMOR WRAP G

Step 3: Remove Dirt and Moisture 

Once you’ve selected the type or formulation of ARMOR WRAP VCI paper that is the best match for your metal/metal parts, you’re almost ready to go!  To optimize the benefits of VCI rust-prevention paper, there is one step that is very important:  make sure metal parts are clean and dry before you wrap them in VCI paper. 

Remember, water is a key player in the development of rust so any moisture on the surface of metal can cause and accelerate rust and corrosion.  In addition, keep metal parts clean and free of contamination by properly maintaining metalworking fluids; wrapping metal parts immediately after processing or manufacturing, and by wearing gloves when handling metal parts to prevent the transfer of salt and acidity from hands or fingerprints.  

Once metal parts are clean and dry, you are ready to move on to the next step—wrapping.    

Step 4: WRAP! 

While wearing gloves, wrap and cover all surfaces of metal or metal parts with ARMOR WRAP VCI paper.  Fold, roll and/or mold VCI paper gently around metal parts to cover curved surfaces or holes to ensure there is no airflow. To maximize VCI’s effectiveness in preventing rust, when metal parts are wrapped or enclosed they should be airtight.  

If your items are too small or too numerous for complete, individual coverage, interleave sheets of VCI paper between layers of metal parts within the packaging box or storage container.  Use ARMOR WRAP to prevent metal parts from direct contact with cardboard or wood — most corrugated cardboard packaging uses nitric acid, which will induce corrosion, especially if it absorbs moisture from humidity or temperature changes. Similarly, wooden pallets or crates absorb and expel moisture as temperatures change, which will also induce corrosion.    

If you’re struggling to cover an odd-shaped or odd-sized part for storage or shipment, take a look at ARMOR’s library of application illustrations. These show the best way to protect all types of metal items from corrosion, including bulk parts, large equipment, electrical components, nested parts, and many more. 

That’s a Wrap on WRAP

Once you’ve wrapped your metal parts in ARMOR WRAP VCI paper, you’re done! The VCI’s protective layer will keep your metal parts corrosion-free whether they’re in process, storage or in transit. If you’re ready to get started, take a look at our line of ARMOR WRAP VCI paper with the confidence that ARMOR WRAP has got you covered.     

VCI Paper: Rust Prevention Doesn’t Have to Be a Dirty Job

Protecting metal parts from corrosion while in production, in storage or in shipment is a challenge. Corrosion’s damaging effects can strike at any point in the manufacturing process:

• Newly machined parts are highly susceptible to flash rust or corrosion because the metal’s surface is fresh and unprotected;
• Metal parts in storage may be exposed to moisture, salt, airborne chemicals or contaminates; and
• Metal parts in shipment or transport are likely to experience fluctuations in temperature and humidity.

To keep your metal parts corrosion-free every step of the way, wrap them in protection and wrap out rust with an anti-rust paper like VCI WRAP. Made from Kraft paper that has been infused with Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors (sometimes referred to as Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors), this rust prevention paper is specifically designed to protect metal parts from corrosion while in process, in storage or in transport.

How VCI Paper Prevents Rust

VCI is a class of chemical compounds that emit corrosion-inhibiting molecules into an enclosed air space. When VCI is combined with Kraft paper, the result is a anti-rust paper packaging material that prevents rust.

When metal parts are wrapped or enclosed in VCI paper, the VCI vapors are released and they attach to the surface of metal to form an undetectable shield of protection that keeps dirt, water, moisture and corrosion-causing contaminants away from metal.

Traditional rust preventatives — such as oil or grease – protect metal with a physical barrier that is messy and labor intensive to apply. VCI, on the other hand, protects metal with a molecular barrier that is non-detectable and does not change the look, weight or feel of metal parts, and it does not compromise metal surface coatings or treatments.

Better yet, once metal parts are removed from VCI paper, the VCI dissipates leaving metal parts ready for immediate use. The added work of cleaning or degreasing that is required from rust preventative oils and greases is eliminated!

VCI Anti-Corrosion Paper Makes Rust Prevention Easy

VCI anti-corrosion paper is designed to keep both ferrous and non-ferrous metals rust free, and thanks to the inherent flexibility of paper, it is ultra-easy to apply and ideal for most sizes and shapes of metal parts. To use, simply wrap metal parts or interleave VCI paper between layers of metal parts in storage containers or shipping crates.

Some VCI papers, such as ARMOR WRAP®, are not only manufactured in a variety of sizes of cut sheets or rolls, but they are also available in different formulations such as global, multi-metal and military-approved. Many also offer the option to add a coating to the VCI paper such as a wax or poly to increase protection against moisture, grease or oils, or scrim for added durability and tear resistance.

The Benefits of VCI Paper

Rust prevention does not have to be a “dirty job.” Use VCI paper to eliminate the time, labor and mess of applying and removing rust preventative oil or grease. In addition, VCI paper sheets or rolls simplify the application process while keeping it clean, dry and effective. Work smarter, not harder with VCI paper and its many benefits:

• CLEAN: no messy oils or grease to apply or remove
• SAFE: VCI paper is environmentally friendly, recyclable and re-pulpable
• EASY-TO-USE: flexible packaging material; easily forms around differing shapes and sizes of metal parts
• WORKS FAST: paper releases VCI quickly, which allows VCI to form its protective shield on the surface of metal parts fast
• EFFECTIVE: protects metal from corrosion for up to 3 years

ARMOR USA is Putting the Wrap on your WRAP!

The ARMOR plant in Howell, Michigan, is the proud owner of a new Impulse L-Bar Sealer with Magna-Lock & Take-Away Product Conveyor and Industrial Fan Tunnel.  Whew – that is the long and technical name for our new shrink wrap machine and at ARMOR, we see this as a game changer in delivering our very best in both product and service to our customers.

You can’t argue with “un-science,” and at ARMOR we conducted our very own side-by-side comparison that we call the ARMOR WRAP® Drop Test.  Using a stack of 1000 sheets of 12 x 12 ARMOR WRAP, we compared the results of Paper Wrapped vs. Shrink Wrapped when dropped from a whopping 68 inches.  Check out our video and see for yourself how shrink wrap scored the knockout over paper wrap, hands down!

Let it be known, from here forward, that thanks to our new heat-sealing, shrink-wrapping  mechanical wizardry, ARMOR shrink wraps stacks of ARMOR WRAP® (say that 5 times fast, we dare you!) to bring you clean, protected and condensed packaging that is ideal for shipping or storage.