VCI Film

FOUNDRY Film™ is specifically designed to withstand the dirty, hot and humid conditions of a metal foundry or machine shop.  Constructed for strength and puncture resistance, FOUNDRY Film protects metal in two ways — it is a moisture resistant physical barrier that protects against contaminants and it emits ARMOR VCI, a rust preventative.  FOUNDRY Film contains recycled material, which allows for economical pricing and increased VCI content.

ARMOR’s Bright Idea Technology™ allows for glowingly visible proof that VCI is present in FOUNDRY Film™under a black light.

Multiple gauges from 2 to 8 mil thick

Available in sheets, bags, bin liners

Prevents rust on gray iron castings, ductile iron, stampings/process metals from bar stock, cold rolled steel, hot rolled steel, and other metal combinations

– domestic shipment
– export shipment
– inventory storage
– in process operations
– long term storage

Markets Include:

  • Metal Foundries
  • Stamping Plants
  • Metal Machine Shops
  • Metal Processing Facilities