Rust Remover

Metal Rescue® Rust Remover BATH is your clean, safe and easy solution to removing rust from iron and steel. Metal Rescue BATH utilizes a unique and selective chelating agent to remove rust (iron oxide) without posing any health, safety or environmental concerns. Metal Rescue BATH is safe on everything except rust! Just Soak, Check, Rinse/Dry. It’s THAT easy!

Metal Rescue® Rust Remover GEL is a cleaner, safer and easier rust remover for iron and steel. Metal Rescue GEL is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and contains no harmful or corrosive acids, alkalis or solvents. Metal Rescue GEL is formulated to cling to metal, making it ideal for use on vertical surfaces, spot rust, or rust on hard-to-reach areas. GEL formula also allows for pinpoint use—apply only where needed to eliminate waste. Just apply, wrap, and remove!

Metal Rescue® is effective on oxides. It removes iron oxide (rust) from ferrous based substrates. It also removes bluing, browning, zinc phosphate, and other oxide finishes. It effectively brightens copper and copper alloys such as brass and bronze.

Markets include:

– Automotive
– Construction/Agriculture
– Metal Machining
– Electronics
– Military
– Oil & Gas
– Aerospace
– Steel and steel service centers