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Dry Coat™ Rust Preventative

SKU: DRYCOATRP16 Category:
SKU: DRYCOATRP16 Category:


Dimensions: 16 oz.
Amount: 6/PKG

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SKU: DRYCOATRP16 Dimensions: 16 oz.
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DRY COAT™ RUST Preventative

Dry Coat™ is a water-based rust preventative applied to the surface of metal to prevent rust for up to one year of indoor storage.  It is non-hazardous, not sticky or tacky and dries-to-touch to form a clear, protective coating that repels water and other corrosion-causing substances.

  • Protects ferrous metals from corrosion for up to 1 year of indoor storage
  • Water-based formula -contains no oils, grease, solvents or other harsh chemicals
  • Apply via dip, spray or flow coat
  • Clear, protective coating dries quickly and is not sticky or tacky
  • Easily removed using mild detergent/metal cleaning solution
  • Does not interfere with advanced processing such as stamping, grinding, cutting, welding or burnishing and will not harm most elastomers or plastics
  • Available in quantities of 5, 55 and 330 gallons