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Recently, ARMOR’s International Sales Manager Fernando Longinotti traveled to India in what he describes as “always intense and very exciting.” ARMOR continues to focus efforts on relationships in this area based on India’s growing presence in the automotive market.

According to the Grant Thornton Global Dynamism Index, which ranks 50 of the world's largest economies on five key areas: business operating environment; economics and growth; science and technology; labor and human capital; and the financing environment; India ranks as the fifth most dynamic country in terms of economics and growth. In addition, consulting firm Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Ltd said in its 2013 Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index report that India is expected to be the second largest economy in manufacturing in the next five years.

The focus of Longinotti’s visit was to work in conjunction with members of the ARMOR India team as they looked closely at three industrial clusters: Chennai, Bangalore and Pune. Time spent in these areas included presentation of rust and corrosion seminars in some of the largest drivetrain, mobility, and braking manufacturers in the aftermarket, as well as to conduct a full ARMOR training in one of the largest forging companies.

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India at Work

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Office of India Customers

The year 2013 looks very exciting for ARMOR’s global reach in India, sales numbers for January were strong. “It looks like all the hard work from ARMOR’s India team is paying off,” said Longinotti. To learn more about the ARMOR India team, read the January issue of the ARMOR SENTINEL.

All ARMOR products are available internationally and customers can be assured that if the product bears the ARMOR name it will be clean, safe, easy and effective!

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