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ARMOR products totally reformed the rust prevention processes of one nuclear reactor in China saving countless hours and more than $1,000,000.

Nuclear Power Plant, China

Type of Industry
Nuclear Power

Three years ago, one of the largest nuclear facilities in China was using oil to prevent rust. A team of employees would work to coat hundreds of thousands of parts with oil by hand, enough to fill seven warehouses. The oil application was messy, time consuming and exposed employees unnecessarily to chemicals.

Many of the parts being stored are critical to the successful and safe functioning of the nuclear reactor and they must remain rust free and ready for use at all times. In addition, the storage warehouses are not temperature controlled resulting in an environment that is very hot and humid, conditions that further accelerate corrosion formation (see photo below, the fog on the camera lens is due to the high humidity in the warehouse).

ARMOR Solution
ARMOR WRAP® paper and ARMOR POLY® bags were used in testing on a sample of the nuclear plant's parts and proved successful in eliminating nearly all of the plant's rust problems. ARMOR products have been used exclusively for the last three years by the nuclear plant. Currently, all of the hundreds of thousands of parts are wrapped in ARMOR WRAP® and stored inside ARMOR POLY® bags. Employees now only randomly check parts stored in the warehouse for corrosion and have had outstanding results after the switch to ARMOR.

In excess of $1,000,000 over the past three years.


ARMOR products protect 100,000s parts, enough to fill 7 storage warehouses


An example of the 100s of aisles that house parts in the 7 storage warehouses on the nuclear reactor’s campus.


Parts are stored in ARMOR WRAP® & POLY® bags. (Photo is clouded by the fog that formed on the camera lens, due to the high humidity found in the storage warehouses.)


ARMOR products line the shelves as they provide rust protection.


This close up shows that before the use of ARMOR products, control rods were dipped in oil and wrapped.


Vital pieces of the nuclear reactor such as the control rod shown above, are protected by ARMOR products.


Nuclear reactor control rods are now protected from rust with ARMOR WRAP® paper.

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