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Team Profile Each newsletter offers a profile of one of the people that make ARMOR such a great place to work and do business. If you’d like to nominate someone for inclusion, please send an email to Cheri Rugh at with the name and the reason(s) you’d like them to receive some extra attention.

Dan Brutto

New Boston, Michigan.

Where Were You Born:
Dearborn, Michigan.

Profession/Job Title:
Materials Supervisor, Armor Protective Packaging®

Family Details:
Married to his wife Melissa for 17 years, one son and two grandkids. “We also recently lost our beloved dog Brandy who was a member of our family for 16 years.”

Experience (Past Jobs and/or Current Tenure with ARMOR):
Before joining ARMOR, Dan worked as an assembly supervisor for Belanger, a company that makes tunnel (“drive-through”) car wash systems. Previous to his time with Belanger, he worked for The Crown Group in charge of shipping, inventory, hazardous waste management, purchasing of paints and chemicals and IT functions. “I spent more than 10 years of my career with EMS-TOGO, where I worked in production and in the lab as a QC and RD technician and supervision.”

Camping, roller blading, hockey, keeping the wife happy!

Best Book Read Recently:
“The Outsiders,” by S.E. Hinton. “The Outsiders is my favorite book and I have probably read it 10 times over the years.”

Latest Accomplishment:
“I was a volunteer cleaning houses for people who are hospitalized and can’t maintain their homes.”

What’s Playing on Your iPod?
Barenaked Ladies, Led Zeppelin, Less Than Jake, Motorhead, Black Sabbath.

Best Movie Watched Recently:
“I wouldn’t say they were the ‘best’ but I recently saw ‘Last Vegas’ and Vince Vaughn’s ‘Delivery Man’.”

Your Top Five Favorite Movies of All Time:
“The Blues Brothers,” “Christmas Story,” “Serendipity,” “Star Wars,” and “The Song Remains the Same.” “My list also includes ‘The Big Chill,’ ‘Get Him to the Greek” and ‘The Hangover.’”

Favorite Quote:
“Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country” -- John F. Kennedy

“Just as my colleague Wes Measel mentioned in his feature from a couple of months ago, I am also a fan of the quote ‘To whom much is given, much is expected.’ The quote is hanging from the arch leading to the ice at Joe Louis Arena as you exit the Red Wings locker room."

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