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It Pays to Go Green

Reduce Oil and Chemical Use for Safety of the Environment, Employees and the Budget

For over 30 years, Armor Protective Packaging® has been practicing what is now termed “sustainability” in our product line, our manufacturing processes and in our recommendations to customers for corrosion prevention. The premise of our product line has been to eliminate the use of oils, greases and harsh chemicals in favor of safer, cleaner and more effective water-based products for corrosion management.

At ARMOR, “green” and “sustainable” initiatives have never been a marketing strategy, rather they are part of our culture and a responsibility. We simply operate with the premise that all ARMOR products must be clean, safe and easy to use. Specifically, in terms of clean and safe, we define this to mean clean and safe for the environment and clean and safe for the user. We use these three criteria for every new product we launch and are committed to this philosophy.

To formally identify and further expand our commitment to sustainability, ARMOR has launched our 7 R’s of Sustainable Corrosion Management. Included in this initiative is the reduction of materials, use of renewable and recyclable products and the reduction by our customers of the use of oils and harsh chemicals.

While we all know that being “green” and “sustainable” is important for the environment, we also have come to know that it just makes good business sense and hear is why…..

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Reason #1

Reducing or eliminating oils or other harmful chemicals saves clean-up costs, improves employee working conditions/morale and, of course, is much safer for the environment.

  • Oils, while effective, are hazardous to both the environment and people
  • Oils or greases require removal before processing, use or painting, adding tremendous waste and disposal issues
  • Solvent-based rust preventative liquids pose health concerns and waste water disposal issues and costs
  • ARMOR products do not contain oils, solvents, VOCs or any harmful chemicals

Stay tuned each month for additional reasons as to why it pays to go "green!"

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