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If your corrosion prevention program consists of mess, odor, and clean-up costs, and you’re still losing the battle against corrosion, read how ARMOR helped a global leader save serious dollars and finally make “sense” of rust prevention!


A Global Leader in Plastics Processing Equipment

Type of industry
Plastics Processing Equipment: Extrusion Screws, Barrels

Previous Rust Preventative Method: The customer applied thick oil to extrusion barrels with barrels valued between $8,000- $150,000 per unit. The exterior of the entire extruding barrel would be wiped with oil while the interior diameter was wiped or coated using an oil-soaked broomstick. At times, Cosmoline would be used on equipment.

Workers complained of a bad odor and the process was very messy. Workers had to use rubber gloves and clothing had to be protected at all times. The whole situation was not good for worker morale and worse yet, they were still experiencing rust! If surfaces were not 100% coated they would rust. It was very expensive to sand or re-lathe and machine.

If the shipment made it to the customer, problems were compounded by the expense of return shipping, loss of customer goodwill, re-processing costs, administrative costs and re-shipment. If Cosmoline was used, labor costs to remove the Cosmoline were incurred on the customer’s side. Removal entailed using mineral spirits and scrubbing…a smelly and messy process from start to finish.

ARMOR Solution
Dry metal extrusion barrels are wrapped in ARMOR WRAP® 60R paper. Workers wrap the entire outside surface and tape securely. For the inside of the extrusion barrels, a long strip of ARMOR WRAP® 60R paper is inserted inside the core to provide VCI to the inner barrel surface.

Savings have exceeded $50,000 per year for several years. The employee and customer delight at not having to deal with odors, mess and clean-up costs? Priceless.

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