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Next time you tune into Speed TV's Two Guys Garage, don't be surprised to see -- and hear -- about Metal Rescue™ Rust Remover Bath and Dry Coat™ Rust Preventative. Both products are offered through Workshop Hero™, the consumer division of Armor Protective Packaging® and ARMOR has worked in partnership with Two Guys Garage for several years to spread the word of the Workshop Hero™’s clean, safe and easy product line for consumers. Two Guys Garage, the oldest automotive “how to” show on Speed TV, was the perfect venue to showcase Metal Rescue™ and Dry Coat™ and both products have been featured in the show’s break room segments as well as on the show’s website.

"We realized that the Workshop Hero™'s product line mantra of clean, safe and easy was the perfect match for the viewers of Two Guys Garage," explained David Yancho, Vice President of Armor Protective Packaging®. "Our customers range from the garage 'tinkerer' to the professional car restorationist and we have found that they all want the same thing -- less work and more play. Workshop Hero™ products do just that!"

Teaming up with Two Guys Garage also resulted in the Workshop Hero™'s formal partnership with celebrity co-host Bryan Fuller. Fuller learned about the products while filming the show's break room segments and quickly became a fan. As an experienced metal shaping expert, (Fuller owns Fuller Hot Rods where he customizes motorcycles and hot rods and has worked with many of the top names in the industry), Fuller quickly saw the benefit in working with Workshop Hero™'s water-based rust remover and rust preventative. Fuller recently left his co-host position with Two Guys Garage but the affiliation between Workshop Hero and Two Guys Garage continues with Metal Rescue™ and Dry Coat™ set for feature during the current season.

Take a look at one of the Two Guys Garage break room segments, where the co-hosts discuss Metal Rescue™ and Dry Coat™:

All Armor Protective Packaging® products are clean, safe and easy and the Workshop Hero™ division follows suit. Metal Rescue™ is a safe, acid-free and non-hazardous rust-removing liquid and Dry Coat™ is a spray rust preventative that dries quickly and without any tacky residue. Both products are water-based, biodegradable, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. They are clean, safe and easy options for any “workshop hero” looking to remove rust from metals and prevent its return.

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