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While we at ARMOR can tell you of our commitment to customer service, don’t take our word for it, let our customers do the talking for us. In this column we decided to reprint the words of one of our customers who took the time to pass along their thoughts and experiences in dealing with ARMOR and its team. Provided below is a letter from BEHR America, Inc., a supplier of engine cooling and air conditioner systems to the automotive industry.

May 31, 2012

Subject: Customer Testimonial

Since BEHR started our relationship with Armor Protective Packaging back in 2008 with a part shipping to Egypt for Military use, we have received expert advice, service and products with multiple applications.

Armor Protective Packaging demonstrated to BEHR from the very beginning that they are the experts in the matter of vapor corrosion inhibiting products by offering VCI paper sheets instead of large desiccant packets for a lower cost and superior part protection. BEHR did not know these sheets even existed and it turns out the sheets were the best product for this application.

Now, BEHR purchases large VCI custom made bags for heavy machined steel parts that not only protect the parts from surface rust but durable enough to withstand sharp edges. Armor Protective Packaging provided multiple samples to determine the proper bag size for the 4 different size parts, with many of the samples being produced overnight in the prototype shop with no questions asked. The program has been running for over a year and never had any issues with quality of these bags or running short on them, even with being a customer size.

ARMOR stands behind their products, even offering up their testing lab to make sure the products are correct for the application and the protection meets our specifications. For any project needing VCI protection, BEHR will always continue to use ARMOR products.

Best Regards,

MRO Buyer

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