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Team Profile Each newsletter offers a profile of one of the people that make ARMOR such a great place to work and do business. If you’d like to nominate someone for inclusion, please send an email to Cheri Rugh at with the name and the reason(s) you’d like them to receive some extra attention.

Barb Kreis

Howell, Michigan. While Barb resides in Michigan her heart belongs to California – she spent 17 years there, her children were born there, and it still remains her favorite place to spend time. “I love Christmas in California because of all the decorated palm trees.”

Where Were You Born:
Dearborn, Michigan

Profession/Job Title:
Customer Service Representative, Armor Protective Packaging®

Family Details:
Two children – one son Ryan, age 26, and one daughter Kelli, age 23, and two dogs Skip and Lollie. “I come from a very big Italian and Greek family with four brothers and one sister and oh do we love our pasta!”

Experience (Past Jobs and/or Current Tenure with ARMOR):
Before joining ARMOR, Barb worked in accounting for the Kern School District in Bakersfield California, then upon returning to Michigan she worked 14 years for the Livingston County Water and Sewer Department. “Coming to ARMOR and working in the quoting department was a big change, but a welcomed change.”

Loves to travel, hunt, ride Harleys, garden, shop and spend quality time with her grown children.

Latest Accomplishment:
Barb zip lined from a mountain top at 5,000 feet in Santa Margarita, California. “I was with my friend Steve, my best friend and her husband and they did it easily but it took me a few tries and a lot of sweat to take the jump!”

“I also rode from Arroyo Grande to Morrow Bay on a Harley motorcycle, we traveled up Highway 1 along the California coast as part of a Toys for Tots fundraiser. The presents were strapped on the saddle bags of our decorated Harley – it was so much fun.”

What’s Playing on Your iPod?
Country music, Celine Dion, and Motown music.

Best Movie Watched Recently:
“While watching my two great nieces I watched the movie Babe for the first time, and I loved it!”

Your Top Four Favorite Movies of All Time:
“Erin Brockovich,” “Pretty Woman,” “Father of the Bride,” and the “Wizard of Oz.”

Favorite Quote:
“Nothing can bring you peace but yourself” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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