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Team ProfileEach newsletter offers a profile of one of the people that make ARMOR such a great place to work and do business. Profile candidates include ARMOR personnel, distributors and customers. If you’d like to nominate someone for inclusion, please send an email to Cheri Rugh with the name and the reason(s) you’d like them to receive some extra attention.

Leslee Godsall

Stoney Creek, Ontario

Hamilton, Ontario

Profession/Job Title:
Customer Service Representative and inside sales

Family Details:
“I have been married to my best friend Jeff for 18 years and we have a beautiful daughter Breanne, who just turned 17. The other lights of my life are our two dogs, a Labradoodle named Brooklin and a Scottish Terrier named Shamus.”

“I came to ARMOR with about 18 years customer service and inside sales experience.”

Reading, camping and relaxing with friends.

Best Book Read Recently:
“50 Shades of Grey” (“of course”) by EL James.

Latest Accomplishment:
“Success in ‘life’ is an accomplishment, whether it be marriage, friendships or career.”

What’s Playing on Your iPod?
All country music.

Best Movie Watched Recently:
“I haven’t watched any movies lately but I am hoping to see the James Bond 007 ‘Skyfall’ movie soon.”

Your Favorite Movies of All Time:
“Dirty Dancing,” “Mama Mia,” “Dodge Ball,” “Beverly Hills Cop,” and “Rush Hour.”

How Long at ARMOR:
7 years

Favorite Quote:
Favorite Quote: “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger” -- Friedrich Nietzsche

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