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It Pays to Go Green Reason #7

Given the increased move by companies to "go green," we thought it important to note that Armor Protective Packaging® has always worked to provide products and utilize manufacturing practices that are environmentally friendly. This has been an integral part of our company's philosophy long before the phrase "going green" was coined.

In ARMOR’s 33+ years, we have developed and offered products that eliminate the use of oils, greases and harsh chemicals in favor of safe, clean and more effective water-based products. In providing corrosion inhibiting and rust removal products that are safe, clean and easy to use, ARMOR products and the manufacturing processes used to produce them provide environmental and economic benefits as they preserve resources, preserve the environment and for many they offer cost savings as well.

Sustainability and ARMOR’s 7 R’s of Sustainable Corrosion Management

Sustainability has been defined as meeting present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. When applied to corrosion management and the shipping and storing of metal products, sustainability means reducing the negative impact on the environment and on people through increased use of renewable materials, reduction in the amount of oils and harmful chemicals used and using less energy in manufacturing and shipping.

ARMOR formally established its 7 R’s of Sustainable Corrosion Management to clearly identify how ARMOR maintains its environmental and sustainability focus and leadership. Details on the 7 R’s are provided below.

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Reason #7

Reading (education) is important to identify responsible solutions

Billions of manufacturing dollars are lost every year due to corrosion -- metal parts become corroded in shipping and have to be cleaned, retooled, refunded or return shipped. Following suit with Reason #7, ARMOR staff continually read, research and work to find ways to protect metal parts from corrosion so they arrive at their end destination rust free.

  • ARMOR keeps informed about the latest trends and technologies in sustainable and green packaging through programs such as Michigan State University's School of Packaging Sustainable Packaging Forum.
  • ARMOR pursues continued education through research and involvement with organizations such as NACE (the National Association of Corrosion Engineers). These networks provide insight and exposure to information that influences ARMOR’s product development and leads to the creation of even greener and more sustainable solutions for corrosion.

ARMOR will continue to provide a product line that is clean, safe and easy for the customer and clean, safe and easy on the environment, from our perspective it just makes sense and cents.

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