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It Pays to Go Green Reason #3

For over 30 years, Armor Protective Packaging® has implemented manufacturing processes in our product line and corrosion prevention recommendations that fall under what we now call “sustainability.” Under our sustainability efforts, ARMOR has worked to develop and offer products that eliminate the use of oils, greases and harsh chemicals in favor of safer, cleaner and more effective water-based products.

At ARMOR the term “green” is an integral part of our culture and a priority focus for all of our products. The entire ARMOR product line is comprised of products that are “sustainable” and clean, safe and easy.

To further expand our commitment to sustainability, we launched ARMOR’s 7 R’s of Sustainable Corrosion Management. Included in this initiative is the reduction of materials, use of renewable and recyclable products and the reduction by our customers of the use of oils and harsh chemicals.

While we know that being “green” and “sustainable” is important for the environment, we have come to believe that it just makes good business sense. Here’s why…..

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Reason #3

Reduction in materials used to create protective packaging.

  • ARMOR WRAP® papers are uniquely impregnated with vapor corrosion inhibitor on BOTH sides of the paper (unlike most competitors), thus eliminating the need to use two pieces of paper. Two-sided VCI coating produces a 50% cost savings in source reduction from one-side coated VCI papers.
  • ARMOR’s Defender™ bag material is able to reduce material 25% compared to the same size mono-extruded bags.
  • ARMOR WRAP® Global paper is a true multi-metal paper allowing most users the ability to reduce multiple inventories on specific papers.

Stay tuned each month for additional reasons as to why it makes sense, and saves “cents” to go “green.”

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