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ARMOR’s Metal Rescue™ Rust Remover Bath salvaged more than 3,000 rusty parts and saved a large automotive components manufacturer close to $50,000.

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Linamar Group of Companies

Type of Industry
Automotive components and assemblies, motor vehicle parts and accessories.

Linamar had more than three thousand motor vehicle parts that needed to be completely de-rusted due to some manufacturing issues. These parts were made of powder metal and had a fine machined finish. It was very important that the method of rust removal did not harm this surface in any way.

Previous Rust Removal Method
Employees used acid to remove rust. Acid was hazardous and brought many other expenses including personal protection clothing, gloves, goggles and health and safety risks to the users. Additionally, the acid harmed the surface of the metal and was not easy to dispose of.

ARMOR Solution
Linamar had a long history as a customer of Armor Protective Packaging® for other rust preventative products and they called on ARMOR to assist with this 3,000-part rust removal project. An ARMOR technical service representative visited them within one day. First, ARMOR diagnosed the problem and found that the parts presented small spots of red rust (hydrated oxide - Fe2O3•H2O), which is typically promoted by contaminates due to exposure to a very corrosive environment. A test was conducted at the Linamar plant to prove that Metal Rescue™ in fact could effectively remove corrosion per their requirements. Results were excellent, after 30 minutes of treatment the rust was successfully removed with no side effects to the surface of the part itself and without risk to the employees.

The approximate cost to scrap one of the 3,000 rusty parts totaled $16.00/part. By successfully de-rusting all of the parts, Linamar saved at least $48,000 USD.

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