Our Tools

For over 40 years, Armor Protective Packaging® has provided clean, safe and easy to use rust prevention and rust removal products designed to protect metals before, during, and after transport or storage. We produce VCI (which stands for vapor corrosion inhibitor) technology —  ARMOR VCI Nanotechnology™ to be specific — it’s the “secret formula” of VCI we infuse into our products to keep the surface of metal free from rust.

How Does VCI Work?

It’s simple — place metal or metal part(s) inside an ARMOR VCI product. Once part is enclosed, VCIs kick into action filling up the vapor space inside the container or packaging. The VCI ions are attracted to the surface of the metal and create a blanket of protection on it that repels rust and all its evil intentions.

One-Two Punch

We combine our rust-preventing VCI Nanotechnology with materials such as Kraft paper and polyethylene film to create an arsenal of products that make rust prevention and rust removal clean, safe and easy.

We hang our hat on ARMOR WRAP® VCI paper and ARMOR POLY® VCI film– both are distinct and proven rust warriors who deliver a one-two punch to rust. ARMOR WRAP paper is embedded with VCI on both sides for dual protection and ease of use while ARMOR POLY film contains ARMOR’s Bright Idea Technology™ — under a black light they emit glowing visible proof that VCI is present.

Our various VCI papers and VCI films are not the only tools in our belt. We offer an arsenal of rust prevention and rust removal tools for just about any application around the globe. ARMOR isn’t a one-product wonder. We cover all the bases for any corrosion case!