Tough-As-Nails Protection that Doesn’t Break the Bank

Prevent rust with the ARMOR DEFENDER™ VCI Film, a film designed for strength, longer-term protection and cost effectiveness.

The DEFENDER is a multi-layer film that positions ARMOR’s proprietary VCI Nanotechnology™ (a.k.a., our “secret recipe” for vapor corrosion inhibitor) on the inside layer of the film closest to the metal parts. This strategic placement and design reduces the quantity of VCI resin needed (without reducing performance) and offers customers savings in cost and resources!

The DEFENDER’s middle and outer layers are constructed for superior barrier protection, durability and puncture resistance and the result is a film with 50 percent more barrier protection than comparable single-layer films.

Simply put, whether your wrapping metal parts or sealing them in a VCI bag, ARMOR DEFENDER VCI film provides high performance without the high cost.

ARMOR products are in-stock and ready-to-ship with no order minimums through our ARMOR Stock & Ready® program.

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ARMOR products are in-stock and ready-to-ship through our ARMOR Stock & Ready® program. Order NOW on the Stock and Ready Online Shop.

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Innovative, Multi-Layer Design: constructed of 3 layers of film; VCI on the inside layer closest to metal parts; middle and outside layers formulated for durability and barrier protection

Economical: offers 7-15% savings over single layer film

Environmentally-friendly and recyclable: recycling processes vary – check local recycling center for requirements

VCI Nanotechnology™: ARMOR’s proprietary formula for vapor corrosion inhibitor technology to prevent rust/corrosion

Bright Idea Technology™:  all ARMOR POLY films emit glowing visible proof of VCI under black light

Technical Specifications:

Stock & Ready options:

  • Gusseted bags
  • Flat bags


Gauge: .002” to .007” +/- 10%

Nitrite-free; contain no secondary amines

Custom 0ptions also available

Approved By/Conforms:

  • FDA for use in equipment packaging
  • Global OEM companies
  • RoHS – REACH Compliant
  • NACE Std TM0208-2008

Compatibility of ARMOR DEFENDER with Metals

Metal to be Protected ARMOR DEFENDER
Aluminum ★★★
Aluminum Bronze ★★
Aluminum Magnesium alloy
Brass ★★★
Bronze ★★
Cadmium ★★
Cast Iron ★★★
Chromium ★★
Constantan ★★
Copper ★★★
Galvanized ★★★
Nickel ★★★
Nickel Silver (CU, Ni, Zn) ★★★
Solder (Pb, Sn)
Steel ★★★
Tin (Pure) ★★★
Tinned Steel ★★★

Compatibility Key

★★★ Complete Protection
★★ Good Protection
This product will protect this metal from corrosion; however a more suitable formula may be available.
Testing is recommended

Downloadable Resources

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ARMOR DEFENDER Resolves Rust Issues for GKN

ARMOR DEFENDER VCI bags, used as bin liners, were the rust prevention solution GKN was looking for to keep its metal drive shafts rust-free.