Industrial Rust Removal

Clean, Safe and Easy Rust Removal that Takes the Work Out of Your Workshop

Armor Protective Packaging has been solving the industrial rust removal problems of large, commercial companies with its Metal Rescue Rust Remover Bath and GEL for years. The same product benefits that make Metal Rescue the ideal solution for rust removal in the home workshop—water-based, non-hazardous, no fumes, safe on other materials—make it the ideal solution for a company’s industrial-sized rust removal problems as well.


Hands Down, Metal Rescue Beats Out Dangerous, Large-scale Rust Removers

Metal Rescue makes your company’s rust removal easier, cleaner, more efficient:

  • It significantly reduces product and equipment costs
  • Increases safety by replacing dangerous acids and harsh chemicals
  • Reduces labor costs—say goodbye to outdated acidic or media-blasting rust removal techniques

Rusted parts do not belong in the workplace – with Metal Rescue “send them packing”

  • Do away with wait time for replacement parts and put a stop to sending rusted parts back
  • Eliminate the cost of transportation, rework, handling and administrative costs
  • Offer value-added rust removal to your customers or create a new profit center for your company

3-3-3: Metal Rescue Rust Remover Bath is ideal for your industrial use

Using Metal Rescue is as simple as

  1. Soak
  2. Check
  3. Dry

and it will be

  1. Clean
  2. Safe
  3. Easy

Industrial quantities include

  1. Five-gallon pails
  2. 35 and 55-gallon drums
  3. 330-gallon tank systems with options for pumps, strainers, sprayers.

Metal Rescue Rust Remover Bath is Ideal for Your Industrial or Commercial Use

It is clean, safe and easy to use in three simple steps–no matter how large your metal part is.

Can your acid bath do that? Without gloves? Don’t put your employees or co-workers at risk with acids, caustics or other harsh cleaners or de-rusting solutions. Metal Rescue is safe on everything except rust! See for yourself why Metal Rescue may be the best solution for your facility for removing rust.

Metal Rescue Rust Remover BATH video overview


Is it water-based?


Required use of gloves or safety equipment?



Does it protect your employees/co-workers from the dangers of acids, caustics or other harsh cleaners?

Metal Rescue is “Safe on Everything Except Rust”—it is the answer to your industrial rust removal needs.

Join the 1000s of Companies Using Metal Rescue for their Industrial Rust Removal Applications

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Do you have industrial rust removal questions?

Armor Protective Packaging and its Metal Rescue Rust Remover product line can solve your industrial rust removal problems and take the work out of your workday.