Ask Jerry™ – Armor Protective Packaging’s Rust Eradicator Online-navigator

Introducing our Custom Rust Diagnosis Tool

If you have rust questions, he’s got the answers – all you have to do is ask.  Ask, who?  ASK JERRY™ — Armor Protective Packaging®’s Rust Eradicator Online-Navigator.

ASK JERRY is an interactive tool designed to help you tackle rust.  Use ASK JERRY to identify and diagnose the cause of a rust issue; to provide solutions to prevent or eliminate rust; or to recommend a rust-prevention packaging plan for a new project.

It’s quick.  It’s easy.  It’s free.  It’s NOT too good to be true! 

How Does it Work?

ASK JERRY is like using TurboTax™ for rust – it uses prompts, hints and tips to walk you through a series of questions on the details of your specific rust issue. Once you have entered all of your info, ASK JERRY conducts a quick “rust” analysis using an extensive database built from the knowledge and 40+ years of field experience of ARMOR’s sales and technical teams.  Wallah! — ASK JERRY generates a custom report of recommendations and solutions to address your unique rust issues that is accessible on-the-spot to view or download.

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Why is it Called ASK JERRY?

Inquiring minds want to know – who the heck is Jerry?

Jerry is a real person, he is a retired sales rep who worked for ARMOR for many years.  As a salesman, he was a straight shooter with a dry, sarcastic wit and humor that sometimes took people by surprise.  What was more surprising was no matter how tough Jerry’s “outer layer” or demeanor appeared to be, Jerry always had your back.

Whether you were a customer or a co-worker, Jerry’s efforts, his gestures, his help are ARMOR legend.  If one of his customers needed help deciphering a rust problem, Jerry was onsite and all ears; if they needed product on short notice, Jerry made it happen – he was known to drive it there himself when necessary; if they needed a ride from the airport, Jerry was there. 

In life, there are people you want on your side or in your foxhole – that’s Jerry!  ARMOR wanted to capture Jerry’s unrelenting desire to give his customers what they needed, when they needed it, and to find a way to share Jerry’s rust-related knowledge and the knowledge of the entire ARMOR sales and technical teams, so we created a “virtual” Jerry or what we now call ASK JERRY.

ASK JERRY’s Lucky 7

The top 7 reasons why you should give ASK JERRY a try


Online, interactive, user-friendly format guided by helpful prompts 


Available on the ARMOR website – 24/7


ASK JERRY is free – it’s the best deal in town!

Fast Results:

It takes less than 7 minutes to complete the questions and receive your report


Analyzes your info and generates a customized report with tools to prevent, manage and ultimately eliminate rust


Runs on multiple devices – computer, tablet, phone


Designed for rust issue problem solving or a new rust prevention packaging project

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