Metal Rescue® Rust Remover Bath

Safe on Everything Except Rust℠

Metal Rescue® Rust Remover BATH is a water-based rust remover designed to remove rust from iron and steel.  If your company manufactures metal parts or receives them from a supplier, with Metal Rescue onsite you can eliminate rust-removal outsourcing or scrapping rusted or corroded metal entirely.

With Metal Rescue BATH, there’s no harsh chemicals; there’s no acids; just water-based rust removal — it isn’t magic…or is it?  Metal Rescue removes rust using chelation technology, which works by surrounding the iron oxide (rust) particles and lifting them from the metal’s surface.  This is no hocus pocus — Metal Rescue BATH is more environmentally friendly than traditional rust removers, non-flammable, fume free and effective at removing rust.

Metal Rescue BATH works in three steps — just soak, check, rinse/dry — and it does not harm other materials such as rubber, elastomers, plastic, vinyl, clothing and skin.

For iron and steel metal parts that cannot be soaked, Metal Rescue Rust Remover GEL is recommended.

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Clean: water-based, more environmentally-friendly than traditional rust removers

Safe on Metal: safe on most etched, embossed, painted or machined metal surfaces

Easy-to-use: soak part, check and remove/rinse

Reusable: one gallon will remove a half-pound of rust and can be reused until performance drops off

Technical Specifications:

Stock & Ready options:

  • 1 gallon bottle
  • 5 gallon pail
  • 55 gallon drum
  • 330 gallon tote

Metal Rescue is non-flammable, non-corrosive, contains no petroleum solvents and has a neutral pH.

Soak time: 5 minutes – 24 hours depending on severity of rust, type of metal and temperature — optimal operating temperature: 68°F (200°C) to 150°F (650°C)

One gallon will remove a half a pound of dry rust

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Metal Rescue Rust Remover BATH Safely Removes Rust from Metal Gears

Metal Rescue BATH was used to de-rust hundreds of transmission gears each month for GKN Sinter Metals saving them thousands annually.