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Did ya know?

Source reduction or waste prevention means reducing waste at the source. It is the number one recommendation of the united states epa in their hierarchy of integrated waste management.

Armor defender vci film: engineered to use less and do more

ARMOR was the first VCI manufacturer to use innovative engineering to bring multi-layer (co-extruded) rust-prevention films to the market. In 2005, we debuted ARMOR DEFENDER VCI Film, a three-layer film that strategically positions VCI only on the inside layer, closest to the metal part, reducing the amount of VCI resin needed (without reducing performance) to save both money and resources. We formulated DEFENDER’s middle and outside layers with enhanced durability and barrier protection, which allows it to be down-gauged by 25-30%, and once again, save money and resources. ARMOR DEFENDER VCI Film is source reduction at its finest!

There you have it — a real-life example of source reduction. We like to use the incandescent vs. LED bulb analogy to further explain source reduction when it comes to mono film vs. DEFENDER.

Illustration - The benefits of using ARMOR Defender.