Moisture Control

Master Before Disaster

When moisture and metal get together, it is never a good thing. If left to their own devices, you can bet that the odds are corrosion will set in. Unless, that is, Armor Protective Packaging® is on the scene.

ARMOR has more than 40 years experience in protecting metal and metal parts from the damage and evils of rust and corrosion. ARMOR VCI Nanotechnology™, our “secret formula” for vapor corrosion inhibitor, is infused into packaging materials such as Kraft paper and poly film and works to keep the surface of metal free from rust. When you combine the benefits of VCI with moisture control devices, the two provide metal/metal parts a turbo-boost of protection when packaged, shipped or stored.

We’re Eradicators of Rust and if you’re looking to master moisture control in your plant or facility, we’ve got the “goods” to get it done. We offers moisture control products that will knock your socks off (while preventing rust). Check them out!

ARMOR SHIELD® Desiccants — available in clay Tyvek®, Silica Gel Tyvek® or Clay Sewn Cloth to adsorb water and reduce moisture and humidity in the packaging or storage of metal and metal parts.

ARMOR SMARTY PAK™ — one-part VCI and one-part specialty desiccant all rolled into a single pak custom designed for extreme environments where both strong moisture control and rust prevention are essential