Rust Removers

ARMOR Built a Better Mousetrap (a.k.a., Rust Remover)

Removing rust can be time-consuming and labor-laden.  While many methods require grinding, sanding, scrubbing or the use of toxic, abrasive and harmful chemicals, Armor Protective Packaging® has developed a line of rust removers that fly in the face of traditional methods.

ARMOR’s Metal Rescue® Rust Remover is available in ready-to-use BATH or on-the-spot GEL.  Both formulations are more environmentally-friendly than other traditional rust removers and remove rust from iron and steel without harsh chemicals, alkalis, or solvents.  Metal Rescue is easy to use — simply soak or apply, check periodically (process time varies dependent on severity of rust) and remove when desired results are achieved.

The take away — rust removal does not have to be complicated to be effective.