Why Reinvent the Wheel?

When the partnership is right, Armor Protective Packaging® is available to source its proprietary VCI (vapor corrosion inhibitor) Nanotechnology™ in masterbatch — ARMOR has VCI rust prevention down to a science (literally), so we say why should our partners “reinvent the wheel?”

ARMOR specializes in the production of VCI additive masterbatches in VCI resin, VCI powder pellets, and VCI liquid. Our masterbatches can be used in a variety of manufacturing processes such as extrusion, injection molding, blow molding, film production and paper coating. The result includes rust-preventing polyethylene film in sheets, bags, stretch film or shrink wrap; rust-preventing paper in cut sheets or on rolls; and rust-resistant plastic. With an ARMOR masterbatch, we are able to supply ARMOR’s exclusive VCI formula to well-matched partners who are looking to develop a custom rust-prevention product.

An ARMOR masterbatch saves on the time, money and resources that would be required to develop a new VCI formula, and it puts the power of ARMOR’s proven, top-performing VCI Nanotechnology into the hands of industrial partners such as:

Partner with ARMOR — it’s a win-win solution!


Environmentally-friendly: many ARMOR VCI products are recyclable and can be made using recycled content

VCI Nanotechnology™: ARMOR’s proprietary formula for vapor corrosion inhibitor technology to prevent rust/corrosion

Bright Idea Technology™: all products manufactured with ARMOR VCI Resin emit glowing visible proof of VCI under black light

Technical Specifications:


ARMOR SHIELD® VCI Powder Pellets


Armor Partnered with Primex Plastics to create Prime-Cor-X® protected by ARMOR

Armor Protective Packaging® and Primex Plastics Corporation have come together to create a new type of corrugated plastic packaging with the added benefit of rust prevention called Prime-Cor-X® protected by ARMOR. Protect your metal parts from damage and corrosion in production, storage, or transport, with this strong, versatile, lightweight yet durable vapor corrosion inhibitor Corrugated Plastic — it’s a rust-prevention packaging powerhouse!