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Clay Sewn Cloth Desiccant

SKU: D80UCS Categories: ,
SKU: D80UCS Categories: ,


Dimensions: 80 oz.
Amount: 30/Drum

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ARMOR SHIELD® Desiccant packs contain drying agents such as clay and silica gel that adsorb water and decrease moisture in an enclosed space. ARMOR offers desiccant in sewn cloth or puncture-resistant Tyvek® packaging in sizes that range from.5 grams to 2,500 grams.  When sized and used properly, ARMOR SHIELD Desiccant will reduce and/or maintain the humidity level within your packaging, crate or container for an extended period of time.

  • Easy application:  insert into packaging or hang in large container
  • Packs do not change size, shape or texture even at full capacity
  • Safe rust prevention free of oils, solvents or other harsh chemicals
  • Product options include clay or silica gel for small-to-large packaging; calcium chloride for ocean containers
  • Outer packaging offered in sewn cloth or Tyvek® for puncture resistance
  • Large range of sizes — from .5 to 2,500 grams — or ocean container desiccant, which is capable of adsorbing 300% of its weight
  • Mess-free rust prevention – no cleaning, wiping or degreasing of metal
  • Can be used alone or paired with other ARMOR VCI products for extended protection
  • Ideal for use in long-term storage or export
I'm interested in Clay Sewn Cloth Desiccant
SKU: D80UCS Dimensions: 80 oz.
I'm interested in Clay Sewn Cloth Desiccant
SKU: D80UCS Dimensions: 80 oz.