Metal Rescue™ Rust Remover BATH is a water-based rust remover for ferrous metals that can be soaked.  It contains no acids or hazardous ingredients, is fume free and does not harm other materials such as rubber, elastomers, plastic or clothing. Works on all levels of rust – soak time varies depending on temperature and severity of rust.

  • Water-based, environmentally-friendly and biodegradable
  • Contains no acids, hazardous ingredients – uses chelation technology to lift iron oxide (rust) from metal surface
  • Easy-to-use: soak metal part, check, remove/dry
  • Does not harm other materials such as rubber, elastomers, plastic, vinyl, clothing
  • Safe on most etched, embossed, painted or machined metal surfaces
  • Eliminates outside rust removal services and expense
  • One gallon will remove a half-pound of dry rust
  • Available in quantities of 5, 55 and 330 gallons
  • Easy-to-use rust prevention & containment/barrier
  • Protects metals for up to 3 years
  • Contains no oils, grease, solvents or other harsh chemicals
  •  Available in rolls, sheeting, bags, tubing, and shrink film (1-12 mils thick)
  • Recyclable and in some cases reusable
  • Bright Idea Technology™ provides visible proof of VCI
  • Can be used alone or paired with other ARMOR VCI products for extended protection
  • Meets all REACH and RoHS requirements