ARMOR SEA Film™ is “Tough Stuff” Rust Prevention


There’s no sugar-coating here, instead we get straight to the point in this video on ARMOR SEA Film™.  In just 3 minutes we explain how traditional rust prevention methods aren’t tough enough to withstand harsh, outdoor conditions, while ARMOR SEA Film is made to do just that – because this film is “tough stuff.”

It’s the unique, advanced construction process used to manufacture SEA Film that is the secret sauce behind this rust-preventing VCI paper.  We combine the strongest characteristics of three films into one to offer a heavy-duty barrier against the elements; a UV light inhibitor to combat the damage of ultra violet light; and ARMOR’s proprietary VCI Nanotechnology™ to keep the surface of metal rust-free.

Click the video link below and let us show you how to outsmart Mother Nature to keep your metal parts rust-free during outdoor storage using ARMOR SEA Film.

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