Highlights, Insights and Sound Bites from ARMOR

An update from ARMOR CEO, Dave Yancho:

At ARMOR, we like to think of ourselves as “movers-and-shakers” in the world of rust prevention packaging, but recently we did a bit of internal “movin’-and-shakin’” with the ARMOR leadership team as well. None of the names or faces have changed, but there has been a shift in the official job titles and roles that several of our team – including myself – will play.

Robin McConnell will continue to be vigilant in his efforts to maintain his status of “semi-retired.” As a co-owner and ARMOR’s Managing Partner, Robin actively oversees the corporate finance functions of the company as well as lead Chemist, however, he will continue to do his best to mentor his teams so that he can lower his handicap in golf and raise his beach time!

Ryan Gingery, who previously served as ARMOR Sales Manager, has taken on the role of President (and by “taken on” we mean we haven’t let him relinquish his sales manager duties since he is doing such a great job!). Robin and I always “like to think” we’ve been able to juggle multiple roles so why not Ryan?!

When Ryan joined the ARMOR team in 2017, he not only brought his top-notch sales acumen he brought an outside perspective and a strong voice that has been pivotal in helping to make big decisions and big progress for the company.  Ryan is a man who is wise beyond his years and as the President of ARMOR, he will expand his duties to include oversight of the company’s day-to-day operations. Ryan will continue to work closely with the sales team while maintaining his rigorous training regime in his quest to become an Olympic-level Table Tennis competitor.

Speaking of Table Tennis (or if you’re a “commoner” like me, we call it ping pong), Chris Elias has agreed to continue to train and challenge Ryan in his Olympic dreams while also expanding his role within ARMOR Customer Care. During his tenure with ARMOR, Chris has worked in all areas of customer care from order processing to account management to sales and service.  He has shown himself to be a walking, talking, real-life example of the ARMOR Core Value “Delight the Customer” and for that, Chris has been promoted to Inside Sales & Service Manager and will join the ARMOR leadership team.

And finally, I too, am switching it up a bit, taking on the role and title of CEO.  With Ryan taking over the day-to-day oversight of the company, I am free to focus more on the future of ARMOR.  In addition to continuing to oversee the company marketing and branding, I will have more time to concentrate on strategic long-term planning, partnership building, company vision and culture preservation. I want the company, and our team, to grow and evolve in the right way and in the right direction – to ensure that ARMOR and its Eradicators of Rust are here for you, our customers and partners, for many years into the future.