ARMOR SEA FILM™: Extreme Protection for Extreme Conditions


If you manufacture metal parts that will be exposed to the elements during outdoor storage or overseas transport, rust and corrosion are a very real threat.  ARMOR VCI SEA Film™ is formulated to withstand Mother Nature’s most threatening outdoor conditions while protecting metal and metal parts from the damaging effects of rust and corrosion that could form as a result.

If you’re wondering how SEA Film is able to keep metal parts rust-free in extreme conditions when other VCI films can’t, we’ll let you in on the secret – three-layer construction.  We combine the strongest characteristics of three different films to manufacture this holy grail of rust-preventing VCI film and we aren’t shy about touting that ARMOR SEA Film is even more amazing when you consider that it gives high performance without high cost.



OUTSIDE LAYER:  manufactured in white exterior to reflect sunlight and contains an Ultra Violet (UV) light inhibitor to stabilize film from breaking down due to extended UV exposure and its damaging heat.

CENTER LAYER:  provides a heavy-duty physical barrier that protects metal/metal parts from moisture, contaminates and the harshest of outdoor conditions.

INSIDE LAYER:  strategically places ARMOR’s rust-preventing VCI Nanotechnology™ (a.k.a., our “secret recipe” for vapor corrosion inhibitor) closest to metal/metal parts to maximize protection.

The value of SEA Film’s unique multi-layer construction extends beyond its effectiveness in preventing rust, it offers opportunity for cost savings as well. Not only does SEA Film provide an ultra-strong physical barrier, it’s engineered to keep ARMOR’s rust-preventing VCI Nanotechnology™ (a.k.a., our “secret recipe” for vapor corrosion inhibitor) in the inner layer.  Positioning VCI close to metal parts, where it is needed most, often means that the film can be down-gauged to reduce cost without compromising performance.

If you’re looking for a VCI film that will protect metal parts even in extreme outdoor storage or shipping conditions; a film that offers quality, effectiveness and aggressive pricing; ARMOR SEA Film is the whole enchilada!


  • EASY-TO-USE:  rust prevention and containment/barrier
  • SAFE:  rust prevention free of oils, solvents and other harsh chemicals
  • ECONOMICAL:  reduced gauge = reduced cost
  • SUPERIOR PROTECTION:  made to withstand harsh outdoor environments
  • HEAVY DUTY:  three-layer construction for strength, barrier protection, UV-resistance
  • STRATEGIC VCI PLACEMENT:  VCI on inside — closest to metal parts
  • UV RESISTANT:  contains UV light inhibitor and white exterior to reflect sunlight
  • MULTI-METAL COMPATIBLE:  protects ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • SEVERAL OPTIONS:  available in sheeting, bags or rolls

For additional information on ARMOR SEA Film, take a look at the ARMOR SOLUTIONS feature and the video on SEA Film, or request a sample by visiting the ARMOR website or contact your ARMOR sales representative.

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