Exploring the Redesigned ARMOR POLY® VCI Film Line

It’s a new year and ARMOR POLY® VCI Film has a fresh new look.  The entire line has a bigger, bolder, more impactful appearance that was designed to highlight the visual identity of each ARMOR POLY VCI Film.  This update goes beyond aesthetics; the changes in the look of ARMOR POLY VCI Film were made to spotlight the information that matters most to ARMOR customers and end-users.

Outlined below are the key features highlighted in the new design of ARMOR POLY VCI Film:

Brand/Product Identity: The ARMOR brand name and the product name for each ARMOR POLY VCI Film formulation.

Rust-Prevention Power: The presence of ARMOR VCI Nanotechnology™ for exceptional and effective rust prevention.

Eco-Friendly Details: The plastic resin identification code, which identifies the type of plastic the film is made of and how it should be recycled.  Additionally, information on the recycled content contained in the VCI poly film is also clearly displayed.

Performance Unchanged: While the appearance of ARMOR POLY VCI Film has been updated, these changes are purely cosmetic.  The rust-preventing performance of ARMOR POLY VCI Film remains strong and effective.

When You Will See It: The transition to the redesigned packaging will occur gradually as the existing inventory is depleted.  Over the coming months, you’ll start to see the new look of ARMOR POLY® VCI Film making its way to you.

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