Highlights, Insights and Sound Bites from ARMOR

Kristin, Chris, and Adrian holding signs with their new job titles

In recent weeks, we’ve experienced quite a whirlwind here at ARMOR. I’ve taken to calling it the ‘ARMOR Spring Shuffle’ – and no, it’s not the latest dance craze; it’s my own coined phrase for the recent flurry of promotions and new hires. Here’s the scoop on the latest happenings with the Eradicators of Rust team.

Chris Elias has been promoted to ARMOR Sales & Marketing Manager. Chris joined ARMOR in 2018, and he has blazed a trail of progress and positivity working in all areas of customer service, as well as sales and account management. In early 2023, he joined the ARMOR Leadership Team as the Manager of Inside Sales and Customer Care. Chris has shown himself to be a walking, talking, real-life example of the ARMOR Core Value “Delight the Customer,” and he will continue to uphold this value in his new role overseeing sales and marketing.

Kristin Moore, currently a Key Accounts Manager and Educator Extraordinaire with the ARMOR sales team, has been appointed to the newly established role of Marketing Maestro. In this dual capacity, Kristin will continue her duties of managing multiple e-commerce accounts, developing content and serving as head trainer for ARMOR’s Corrosion College and Master Classes, while also taking on the responsibility of coordinating ARMOR’s marketing activities. This new role returns Kristin to where she started her ARMOR tenure; she initially joined ARMOR in 2013 as a member of its marketing team.

Adrian Scherer is also returning to the department where he began his tenure at ARMOR, stepping into the new role of Shipping & Receiving Supervisor. Adrian joined the ARMOR ranks in 2017, starting as a Shipping/Receiving Coordinator until transitioning to the ARMOR Customer Care Inside Sales Team in 2022. His hands-on experience in both areas of the company, combined with his upbeat and can-do attitude, have confirmed his status as an exemplary Eradicator of Rust and the ideal fit for this new position.

Rounding out our ‘ARMOR Spring Shuffle,’ Brendan Glennie, who joined the ARMOR production team in 2021, transitioned to the ARMOR Customer Care Team on May 5th. We are also happy to welcome two new employees: Micah Harmon and Erick Albert. Micah joined the ARMOR Production Team in February, while Erick came on board as a Shipping and Receiving Coordinator in April.

These changes reflect ARMOR’s growth and evolving needs. I’m excited to see how they enhance our ability to provide clean, safe, easy, and effective rust prevention, and to uphold the Eradicators of Rust name. Stay tuned for more of what ARMOR has in store in the coming months!