Workshop Hero

New Metal Rescue GEL – Added to the Shelves of All U.S. AutoZone Stores

In October of last year, Workshop Hero™ debuted its new Metal Rescue® Rust Remover GEL, the On-the-Spot rust remover. On April 1, Metal Rescue GEL joined Metal Rescue CONCENTRATE on the shelves of the more than 5200 U.S. AutoZone stores (and while the date marks April Fool’s Day, this is no joke!)

All U.S. AutoZone locations now stock Metal Rescue GEL and CONCENTRATE, offering customers options for the removal of the many varying sizes and unique locations of rust.

GEL & CONCENTRATE: The Same, Yet Different!

All Metal Rescue Rust Removers are non-toxic; environmentally safe; biodegradable and easy to use. Whether using GEL or CONCENTRATE, there’s no scrubbing, dipping, or wire brushing. Instead, users just simply apply Metal Rescue and allow it to remove the rust while doing something else.

New Metal Rescue GEL is different from CONCENTRATE/BATH because it is formulated to cling to metal, making it ideal for use on spot rust, vertical surfaces, or rust in hard-to-reach areas.  In addition, GEL’s highly adhesive formula allows for controlled application which eliminates waste and the risk of harming the surface area around the rust.

“GEL is the result of customer demand and the work of our research and development team,” said Robin McConnell, President of ARMOR. “Our customers wanted a rust removal option that did not require soaking and our R&D worked endlessly to give them that with a gel-based product that would remove rust but without harmful or corrosive acids, alkalis or solvents.”

The Secret to GEL’s Success: Say Bye Bye to Dry

Essential to the optimal performance of GEL is it must remain moist. Do not allow GEL to dry, or as the packaging label says: “Keep GEL from Dryin’ and Wrap After Applyin.’” To make this easy, use the Metal Rescue GEL signature plastic wrap method—once GEL has been applied, cover area with common household plastic wrap to protect GEL from air exposure. It is that simple!

Make an AutoZone Pit Stop Now!

Visit any U.S, AutoZone store to purchase the 17.64 ounce consumer-sized jar of Metal Rescue GEL or the 14 ounce bottle of Metal Rescue CONCENTRATE. To find the closest store near you, visit the Workshop Hero website.